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goldRush Rally GR2020

“The Road Less Traveled”

This year for gR2020 we are having an auction for a one of a kind art work!

Flags are hand crafted from start to finish.  What starts as regular lumber is slowly transformed into a unique and awe inspiring memento to honor.  Each piece of lumber is plained, ripped and glued; providing the cocoon of the flag.  After several hours of grinding and sanding the elegant wave pattern starts to take shape.  Each wave pattern is as unique as the flag, as the grain of the wood  shapes differently with each flag.  


Each star is hand chiseled and each bullet is cut down to add a unique and unparalleled piece of art to your home.  Although the steps for each flag are duplicated, the final finished piece is as unique as the customer that hangs one in their home.  No two flags will be twins.


One of a Kind:

Each flag is started only when a customer has placed an order so you know that each step is meticulous from start to finish.  From preferred measurements; to the caliber of shell casing used in the stars.


These unique pieces of individual art retail for $7,500 and $10,000

To bid on the auction just complete the form below! Auction ends September 27th 2020 at 5pm PST

Next BID must be greater than our highest bid of $3,000.00

Enter Silent Auction

Thanks for supporting Taylor Lynn Foundation!!

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