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microGRANT Request

1- Date:

2- Name of the applicant:

3- Birthday:

4- Age of the applicant:

5- Applicant’s contact information

  • Email

  • Phone Number

Sponsor Information to be filled out by “Sponsor”

6- Name of the applicant’s sponsor

  • Email

  • Phone Number


7- How do you know the applicant?

8- How long have you known the applicant?

9- Please explain how best you can guide the applicant on their commitment to Give Back to the community.

microGrant Information to be answered by the child

10- What will this microGRANT be used for?

11- How much are you applying for?

12- Who will be receiving the funds? (We never send funds directly to the applicant)

13- To show appreciation for your microGRANT, we ask that you "Take A Moment to Give Back" to your community.

14- How do you plan to do this?

15- Please tell us why you chose this way of Giving Back and what it means to you?

16- Any additional comments:

Please email the above information to

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